We were born in the times of sorrow

Dirty rich with veins that flowed with royal infructuous crime,

We were the revelations of a revered tomorrow

Clothed in buffalo thick skin sins of our fathers and their fathers before them,

Our children, with soothing baby blue eyes, that grime; they too had to borrow.

We bathed them in rosemary bath foams and recited decades of rosaries to keep the tumor of sin at stem

We partied hard at christenings, and made our daughters Mizpah with devils, throwing in a fornication or two..and doubled that at vigils of those of us that mortally lived never to see tomorrow,

The glories of yesteryears were always greater than the rhymes of hell’s anthem.

We vultured on our weaker kind, with reason and faith in Darwin’s laws

Our hearts no more, and penitence never sought

Living in the moment of saint Saul’s refined savagery and cherished mannerism of outlaws

Where everything was for sale yet none could be bought

For in those times dear children, the world belonged to them of us, with the longest claws

We chorused and toasted to the long life of Pope Joslin

And hailed the reign that brought us favor in King Caitlyn

Our screwed dis-honesty, begrudgingly was of no importance, for even mirrors had since shared in and become our demon

So much god we always knew we had within us

 For in the worship of Futures, Bronze, Silver, and all them things golden we displayed his might

Our comfort lay in sacrifices, of things, deemed mortal, in hope of a heavenly immortality with no fuss

Many a father; a mother or god did lose the battle,

The finer and soul void of us who lived, celebrated their having bravely ‘put up a good fight’

We cherished and prided ourselves in the moments we refused a friend to have our gutter as a place of abode

And we headed cults that honored our foes’ rigor-mortised bodies with pumps of lead more worth its weight in gold

A death deserved and an illustrious painting of vileness equally lavishly told

Our redemption? No worries of a hell or purgatory dance, ..what with piles of earth of precious metal..not silver but of gold,

Redemption could, and indeed was bought in holy  rice, water, and all things our preachers sold

We put all our hope in a god

A god in us, who had no hope

Giving all else to senile butt spoilt kings

Them kings who left us nothing more than pimps for Dewans and Popes.

Slaying sons of our fathers, so a Father could have us to bless

Hailing only the Marys that were, yet, to many a nurtured Joslin we spat

We lost the want, to have a Pope Caitlyn, choosing to lust for the need for all things graded above less

THEN the clocks stopped for us to right our wrongs

Yet still our rights we obligingly wronged

We shunned a heavenly earthly redemption in pursuit of a pseudo- heavenly heaven

If Angels do cry, and demons do laugh,

There was never a better time in days of a glory past, and those of a gory future when they could have had a synchronized symphony;

One for Loss, another for gain

Those cries stamped us immortality as a disdained – ly description of mental drain

If it so offers you a dose of  your deserved pain,

Sister, even the cremated idiots among the idiotic us,

 They too are imbecilic children of a greater being’s scorn

A condemned inheritance of evolutionary dawn

We live plenty from without, yet with barely a wink of life living within

A destiny not pre-determined, but for generations so borne

We live a proudly, grandiose lifetime of greed

The greed feed that rightly has condemned us as, The Last of A Dying Breed


A zwzimwe Creation 2017©http://#zimwe.wordpress.com


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