Craving Keira

I always had a dream,

Unlike Dr. Luther’s dream, my luck had  me see mine beam.

A fairy of all things splendid, making me believe in a world to which I had no esteem.

I am a wretch worthy of less compassion,

Even less confident of impassion,

A drench of filthy hopelessness and borderline atheism, my world is best defined by confusion.

Until I found Keira. It’s then that I found Zimwe. I found Keira with a certain phenomenon scribbled as love.

Expressed with un-rivaled finesse no being could defer to envy .

Two spectacular events, no man or woman…at least non my kind should deserve.

I found Keira. And then goddamn  it she brought along Love.

No one looking through my eyes deserves that nor sanely has to accept and have that to preserve.

I found Keira. I found Love. I found me.

That’s a good thing.

Here me loud.

Keira invented the anti-gravity, the belief that not all things that fall do fall down,

The attachment that all dreams could come true with this angel of a lady that’s got me all blown.

You don’t find love they say. Love finds you, Keira found me, that;s how Love found me.

We found love and love found we.

With heart comes hurt.

Keira is my meadow. That lifeline of life and feebly candle in the wind that never seems to give up even in an eight mile 895 mbar hurricane, she is my redemption.

She reigned in the warlock heartless beast in me into an acceptably spark of “You are worth a lifetime” that she gave,

The enviably demonic poise in her makes me believe in the redemption with her that I could have.

She’s had a lot to give, for a heart that in equal units deserved less to have,

A lady in every sense too and a fountain of love so pure it turns all else  marvelous,

Keira, how we love may sometimes seem borderline frivolous,

I know that. Harder for all else to believe but only you knows how I try that.

I put all my might. I now want a little more of the gods’ Might.

Am so new to expressing love but for you I confess it’s worth the fright.

My Keira you never get enough credit for the shine of sanity you endlessly keep bringing to me.

I choose not to keep a disguised idea of the “he” that most suitors keep in a façade of love around with,

This is a shot for self, am certainly the best thing to fall for and keep in love with,

Keira, I do have a demon in me. And each passing day I’ve put up a fight to have it less of me so you can have more of me,

We are winning, it’s whining.

Keira, It’s been years love deep,

And look how much shine together we keep.

Forever baby,

And who knows..Trump could build my creepy damn demon a wall.

That way, as you like it, we could meet more for coffee at the mall.

I love you Keira and I could never write it well enough to believe it myself, if I could,

I love you Keira I would never make myself less paranoid and manic even If I would,

The furore, the cuddles, our awful cooking, the dirty jokes the hiatuses, the dues on rent, the highs on that stuff that’s not so legal, the cheap thrills,

That’s what  heals.

That’s what we have,

That’s why we love.

Am no angel Keira, you probably noticed that from my less adherence to conventional love and its law,

But I aren’t no cranked up guise without a flaw,

I high, I run, I play Corleone, I play silence and damn right I now know that doesn’t make me glow,

..In your beautifully fiery eyes.

Truth is I could blame it on the rain,

Or I could blame it on the Shine,

But how could I be so mean when it’s the rain and shine that have kept us eternal years deep?

Keira I may not go to church every when it rains or doesn’t rain,

But even God is standing right in our lane,

Besides you my Ain.

We are Bonnie & Clyde..Keep the faith…I heard U..

It’s you that I crave..

And if phoenixes do die my love, that’s how I’ll go to the grave..

A zwzimwe Creation 2016© words we lost at sea-episode 001


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