8th wonder!

8th Wonder!

When a diamond in the rough,

One does find;

A flicker at the tunnel’s end,

One does see.

It’s suffice to say and rightly dream,

Eternity indeed aint no myth.

It’s a wish yet rightly a prayer,

That God’s blessings fall a thick layer,

 At all times He’ll deem fair,

Upon you, an Angel of royal flair.

May this be yet another,

A milestone unlike any other,

A dawn for merrier times and all you can gather,

May they be so cherished, they’ll last a further.

For the elegance, for the eloquence,

For all that’s always been you.

For the charms, for the serenity,

For all that’s you.

For the love, for the laughs,

For all that’ll forever be you.

A #Zimwe Creation 2012©http://#zimwe.wordpress.com/volume II/Celebration series


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