Little homestead of five,

All orphaned.

Sitting room of toilet size;

Same or even less furnished.

Brought closer, not by thrill;

But by the emotions they feel.

Of hope; that this guest may be different.

The last one took their mum,

Just like his predecessor took her man.

There’s a feast to usher in the guest;

Bread, not crumbs for lunch, though still not buttered

Tea, colored white for milk and a little sugar.

A few days ago, a king did come;

And it’s their hope that He does make His Kingdom come

Upon them in this New Year!

Otero is bellowing into his phone;

He’s shaking, struggling to keep his calm

 His mistress, beautiful as day break;

may be equally thin

Watches as he tries to shout the phone dead

The leaks are out; so Otero is told

The cigars, the Lewinskys and the bloody money have all been to the public told

Otero wipes his bald

He calls to a higher power than the C.I.A for redemption from this cold

Otero big belly, big money won’t have champagne

He’ll need a little more sobriety to sail through this ill campaign

His stress and disgrace he must so embrace

Redemption extraordinaire is all Otero wishes for

He too heard that a certain King did come

And it’s this King who sets all calm

If it does please; in all His might; this king,

Then, May His kingdom come!

A soldier lost his life;

A politician had a toast to that; for the war was won

A man lost his wife;

The doc drunk to that; because the hospital had its fewest deaths in a decade last year

In hearts and huts the prayers be;

More bread at tables;

Less white and more milk;

A school and a road too should be;

So one or so of the five will proclaim to bless this year.

More health, more wealth;

So none should whine

A blessing should be;

For I just ran short of ink,

Happy New Year and May His kingdom come

Upon all ye for whom He’s come!

A #Zaza & Wilhelm Creation ©


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