THE ZEN MIND PROJECT: Conversations on mental health with Ugandan teenagers.

Mental health remains an abstract subject to the majority of the 99 percenters world, even amongst the 1 percenters of us the 99 percenters. You could only imagine what its true picture is to the 99 percenters of the 99 percenters. Not pretty. Not sober. It’s a pretty sobering picture.

A more depressing and gory take would be throwing your mind to the nether end, thinking about the hormone driven confusion that torments the teens amongst us the 99 percenters in this less senile, selfishly benighted, pseudo – social world of ours. Grimy. Polarizing. Confusing. Non dead. Redeemable.

It’s a grimy yet confusingly redeemable non-dead picture. Polarizing, redeemable though. Not dead.

Thanks for this initiative ladies. This is not me reminiscing of years gone sans sobriety. This is me selfishly saying thank you for bringing this afore to a generation that definitely needs it more than I probably did (we had no Twitter and not every home could afford a camera for us to record sextapes. Oh yeah, socialite and “liking” were yet to be invented). In hindsight, we still had to “fit in”, drugs were cheaper..I think, and health generally was not yet a priority. And when it eventually was, it’s weird they didn’t think they should start with the mental which literally is at the top!

I believe the stories of how some of us have dealt with the subject whilst navigating on our own may create a less painful experience for the younger reflections of us. Still sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Damn. I guess that’s when you know something has hit you in the feels!


diary of a headless chicken

I can see the confusion among my readers on what is going on with the beloved headless chicken. I know that ever since the advent of the headless chicken, the posts on this blog have been the chronicles of a decapitated chicken scurrying hither and thither through her twenties.

Its a bit of a juicy long story beloved Kukudom, as my stories usually are, and I will sit down with you over some chicken bran and talk about it. However, for now, I ask you to follow me on this noble two months project that the chicken and another human have taken on.

So dear reader I would like to tell you about some thrilling work that I will be doing in the month of May and June. A young lady called, Racheal and I, are going to hold conversations on mental health in schools under a project called the…

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